Gothenburg Mixed Doubles Cup: Draw 3 Summary

Group A Showdowns:

  • Szeliga-Frynia/Frynia (POL) vs Hasselborg/Eriksson (SWE):
    • Dominant Swedish Performance: Hasselborg and Eriksson of Sweden showcased a masterclass in curling strategy and execution against the Polish team of Szeliga-Frynia and Frynia. The Swedish pair controlled the game from the start, scoring consistently in each end and limiting the Polish team to only two points throughout the match. The final score was a commanding 8-2 in favor of the Swedes.
    • Critical End: The fourth end was pivotal, with Sweden securing a 2-point score, extending their lead and solidifying their dominance in the match​
  • Scalesse/Ribotta (ITA) vs Lander/Holtermann (DEN):
  • A Close Battle: This match was a tight contest, with both teams exchanging leads. The Danish team of Lander and Holtermann ultimately edged out a victory with a score of 8-6 against the Italian duo Scalesse and Ribotta.
  • Turning Point: The fourth end proved crucial, with Denmark scoring a significant 4 points, creating a gap that Italy struggled to close​


Group B Thrillers:

  • Otaegi/Unanue (ESP) vs Vahi/Padama (EST):
    • Spanish Dominance: The Spanish team, Otaegi and Unanue, delivered an impressive performance against Vahi and Padama from Estonia, cruising to a 7-1 victory. The Spanish duo displayed excellent skill and strategy, dominating most of the game.
    • Decisive End: The second end was critical, with Spain scoring a massive 3 points, setting the tone for their dominant win​


  • Walczak/Augustyniak (POL) vs Wranå/Wranå (SWE):
  • Swedish Steadiness: In a match featuring Poland’s Walczak and Augustyniak against the Swedish siblings Wranå, the latter showcased their consistent play. The Swedish team won with a solid 7-4 scoreline, maintaining control throughout the game.
  • Key End: The first end set the stage for Sweden’s victory, with an early 3-point lead that Poland couldn’t overcome​


Standings Update:

  • Group A: Denmark’s Lander/Holtermann and Sweden’s Hasselborg/Eriksson lead with 6 points each. The remaining teams, including Finland’s Immonen/Sipilä, Italy’s Scalesse/Ribotta, and Poland’s Szeliga-Frynia/Frynia, are yet to score points.
  • Group B: A four-way tie at the top with Czech Republic’s Zelingrová/Chabičovský, Spain’s Otaegi/Unanue, Poland’s Walczak/Augustyniak, and Sweden’s Wranå/Wranå, each with 3 points. Estonia’s Vahi/Padama are yet to open their account​


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