Draw 6 Highlights

Group C & D Showdowns

Group C: Swiss Precision vs. Dutch Determination

  • Matchup: SUI Engler/Wunderlin vs. NED Tonoli/Gösgens
  • Venue: Sheet 1
  • Outcome: SUI Engler/Wunderlin emerged victorious with an 8-2 win. A steady accumulation of points, with a notable 2-point gain in both the 2nd and 3rd ends, set the tone for Switzerland’s dominance​

Group C: Swedish Resilience vs. Czech Strategy

  • Matchup: SWE Norrlander/Söderberg Persson vs. CZE Paulova/Paul
  • Venue: Sheet 2
  • Outcome: A closely contested match saw SWE Norrlander/Söderberg Persson edge out a 6-5 win over their Czech opponents. The match was neck-and-neck until the Swedish team secured crucial points in the 5th and 6th ends​

Group D: Swedish Finesse vs. Czech Tenacity

  • Matchup: SWE De Val/Magnusson vs. CZE Farková/Jakl
  • Venue: Sheet 3
  • Outcome: SWE De Val/Magnusson secured a narrow 7-6 victory. The match was a roller-coaster, with both teams exchanging leads, but the Swedish duo clinched it in the latter stages​

Group D: Norwegian Power vs. Swiss Elegance

  • Matchup: NOR Ramsfjell/Ramsfjell vs. SUI Hüppi/Weiss
  • Venue: Sheet 4
  • Outcome: NOR Ramsfjell/Ramsfjell delivered a commanding performance to triumph 10-2. The Norwegian team dominated from the start, leaving their Swiss opponents trailing throughout the match​

Standings Update

  • Group C:
    1. SUI Engler/Wunderlin and SWE Knochenhauer/Edin are tied at the top with 6 points each.
    2. NED Tonoli/Gösgens and SWE Norrlander/Söderberg Persson are in joint third with 3 points each.
    3. CZE Paulova/Paul remain at the bottom with 0 points​

​​Group D:

    1. SWE De Val/Magnusson lead with 9 points.
    2. NOR Ramsfjell/Ramsfjell are second with 6 points.
    3. SUI Hüppi/Weiss are third with 3 points.
    4. CZE Farková/Jakl and SWE Heldin/Lindström are tied at the bottom with 0 points each​

​​The Gothenburg Mixed Doubles Cup continues to showcase intense and thrilling matches, with teams striving for victory in every draw. Stay tuned for more updates from the icy arena of strategy and precision.

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