Fixtures, results and standings

Please note that the sheets for the matches may change up to the start of the competition.

Group B

Group C

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SWE Osbjer/Hanna* vs RUS Gadzhikanov/Biktimirova
LAT Regza/Regza* vs DEN Jensen/Berger
LIT Jurkute/Rymeikis vs SWE Fransson/Köhn*
LIT Iceproof vs SWE Westman/Ahlberg*
EST Turmann/Lill* vs POL Bylina/Nowakowski
DEN Wiksten/Wiksten* vs SWE Osbjer/Hanna
RUS Gadzhikanov/Biktimirova vs LIT Jurkute/Rymeikis*
DEN Jensen/Berger* vs NOR Rønning/Brænden
LAT Regza/Regza* vs SWE Team Moen Sports
SWE Fransson/Köhn* vs DEN Wiksten/Wiksten
SWE Team Moen Sports* vs NOR Rønning/Brænden
LIT Iceproof* vs EST Turmann/Lill
SWE Osbjer/Hanna vs LIT Jurkute/Rymeikis*
SWE Westman/Ahlberg vs POL Bylina/Nowakowski*
LAT Regza/Regza vs NOR Rønning/Brænden*
DEN Wiksten/Wiksten* vs LIT Jurkute/Rymeikis
RUS Gadzhikanov/Biktimirova* vs SWE Fransson/Köhn
DEN Jensen/Berger vs SWE Team Moen Sports*
RUS Gadzhikanov/Biktimirova* vs DEN Wiksten/Wiksten
LIT Iceproof* vs POL Bylina/Nowakowski
SWE Osbjer/Hanna* vs SWE Fransson/Köhn
SWE Westman/Ahlberg* vs EST Turmann/Lill
Q1 SWE Westman/Ahlberg vs EST Turmann/Lill
Q2 POL Bylina/Nowakowski vs SWE Fransson/Köhn
Q3 NOR Rønning/Brænden vs LAT Regza/Regza
Q4 RUS Gadzhikanov/Biktimirova vs SWE Team Moen Sports
S1: SWE Westman/Ahlberg vs POL Bylina/Nowakowski
S2: LAT Regza/Regza vs RUS Gadzhikanov/Biktimirova
CC Semi 2 DEN Wiksten/Wiksten vs LIT Iceproof
CC Semi1 DEN Jensen/Berger vs SWE Osbjer/Hanna
Final: SWE Westman/Ahlberg vs RUS Gadzhikanov/Biktimirova
CC Cup final: DEN Wiksten/Wiksten vs DEN Jensen/Berger
Bronze: POL Bylina/Nowakowski vs LAT Regza/Regza