A Synopsis of Draw 5

Group A: Fierce Competitions and Surprising Outcomes

  • Tight Battle: FIN Immonen/Sipilä vs SWE Hasselborg/Eriksson:
    • Close Contest: The match between Finland’s Immonen/Sipilä and Sweden’s Hasselborg/Eriksson was a closely fought affair. The Finnish team put up a strong challenge, but the Swedes eventually emerged victorious with a narrow 5-4 win, showcasing their resilience in tight situations.
    • Final Score: 5-4 in favor of SWE Hasselborg/Eriksson​
    • High-Scoring Game: ITA Scalesse/Ribotta vs POL Szeliga-Frynia/Frynia:
  • Italian Dominance: The Italian duo of Scalesse/Ribotta displayed an exceptional performance against POL Szeliga-Frynia/Frynia, leading to a high-scoring and dominant victory. The Italians’ aggressive play and strategic precision were on full display.
  • Final Score: A remarkable 17-7 win for ITA Scalesse/Ribotta​


Group B: Demonstrations of Skill and Strategy

  • SWE Wranå/Wranå vs EST Vahi/Padama:
    • Swedish Supremacy: In this match, the Swedish team of Wranå/Wranå showcased their skill and strategy against EST Vahi/Padama. The Swedes maintained a steady lead throughout the game, reflecting their experience and tactical acumen.
    • Final Score: SWE Wranå/Wranå triumphed with a score of 8-3​
    • CZE Zelingrová/Chabičovský vs POL Walczak/Augustyniak:
  • Czech Command: The Czech team Zelingrová/Chabičovský delivered a strong performance against their Polish opponents, dominating the game with excellent shot-making and strategic plays.
  • Final Score: A decisive 10-1 victory for CZE Zelingrová/Chabičovský, showcasing their dominance in the match​

Current Standings Update:

  • Group A: SWE Hasselborg/Eriksson lead with 9 points, followed by DEN Lander/Holtermann with 6 points and ITA Scalesse/Ribotta with 3 points. FIN Immonen/Sipilä and POL Szeliga-Frynia/Frynia are yet to score.
  • Group B: CZE Zelingrová/Chabičovský and SWE Wranå/Wranå are tied at the top with 6 points each. ESP Otaegi/Unanue and POL Walczak/Augustyniak follow with 3 points each, while EST Vahi/Padama are yet to open their account​


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