All sessions will be broadcasted. We will provide two types of broadcasts:

Basic – which will show an overview of all four sheets as well as the house from the selected game and sound from the hall. Live scoring from all four sheets will be provided. These sessions will be available to all viewers.

Advanced – which will be produced by professional crew from our broadcasting partner GP. These sessions will be filmed by a camera crew. All players will carry microphones. Commentary will be in Swedish. Live scoring will be provided continuously. For Swedish viewers, the games will be shown on the GP website and an active subscription is required. GP currently has a very attractive package with two months for only 1 SEK. For international viewers, these sessions will be broadcasted on Dailymotion.

Tournament playlist

Schedule (all times are Swedish time, CET)

Tuesday 28 December
09:00 Draw 1 – SCO Dodds/Mouat vs ESP Otaegi/Unanue – All viewers
11:45 Draw 2 – CZE Paulova/Paul vs SUI Perret/Rios – All viewers
14:30  Draw 3 – ITA Constantin/Mosaner–SWE Westman/Ahlberg – Int. viewers  /  Swedish viewers
17:15  Draw 4 – SWE Heldin/Magnusson vs CZE Paulova/Paul – Int. viewers  /  Swedish viewers
20:00 Draw 5 – NOR Skaslien/Nedregotten vs ITA Constantini/Mosaner – All viewers

Wednesday 29 December
09:00 Draw 6 – SUI Perret/Rios vs SWE Heldin/Magnusson – All viewers
11:45 Draw 7 – SWE Westman/Ahlberg vs NOR Skaslien/Nedregotten – Int. viewers / Swedish viewers
14:30  Draw 8 – DEN Lander/Holtermann vs SWE de Val/Eriksson – Int. viewers  /  Swedish viewers
17:15  Draw 9 – NOR Ramsfjell/Ramsfjell vs SCO Dodds/Mouat  – All viewers
20:00 Draw 10 – SWE de Val/Eriksson vs SUI Rupp/Wunderlin – All viewers

Thursday 30 December
8:00 Quarter final: SWE de Val/Eriksson vs EST Kaldvee/Lill – Int. viewers  /  Swedish viewers
10:30 Semi final: SWE de Val/Eriksson vs SUI Perret/Rios  – Int. viewers  /  Swedish viewers
13:00 Final: SWE de Val/Eriksson vs NOR Skaslien/Nedregotten – Int. viewers  /  Swedish viewers