Practice times

Practice opportunities will be offered to all teams on December 27. Each team will be given 7 minutes per sheet within a 30 min time slot (maximum four teams/per session). Teams can book practice session by e-mailing

17:30-18:00 (full):
LIT Rykove/Rykov
EST Kaare/Lill
SWE Westman/Ahlberg
EST Vahi/Padama

18:00-18:30 (full):
SWE Jillehed/Persson
SWE Nilsson/Nilsson
LIT Jurkute/Rymeikis
ESP Otaegi/Unanue

18:30-19:00 (full):
NOR Skaslien/Nedregotten
SWE Sundberg/Yséus
NOR Rønning/Brænden
SWE/IND Carlsson/Raju

19:00-19:15: Ice preparation

DEN Lander/Holtermann
SWE Bergman/Johansson
SWE Meldahl/Noring

19:45-20:15 (full):
SCO Dodds/Mouat
DEN Wiksten/Wiksten
SUI Hüppi/Weiss
POL Walczak/Augustyniak