Ranking after the group stage:

1. SWE Wranå/Wranå (group winner,  12 p, 120.4 cm)
2. SWE Knochenhauer/Edin (group winner, 12 p, 204.3 cm)
3. SWE Hasselborg/Eriksson (group winner, 12 p, 256 cm)
4. NOR Ramsfjell/Ramsfjell (group winner, 11 p)
5. De Val/Magnusson (group second, 10 p)
6. CZE Zelingrová/Chabičovský (group second, 9 p, 166.5 cm)
7. DEN Lander/Holtermann (group second, 9 p, 261.2 cm)
8. SUI Engler/Wunderlin (group second, 6 p)

In the quarter finals team ranked 1 will play the team ranked 8, team ranked 2 will play team ranked 7 etcetera. In the semi-finals the highest ranked team will play the lowest ranked team. Teams ranked 2 and 3 will play each other.

Best ranked team after the group stage have hammer in the play-off games, play yellow stones and practice first. – Practice start 10 minutes before the game.

All play-off games are played in 8 ends with a “one stone shoot-out” in case of a tie.

Please note that sheets are tentative until 20 minutes before the games start.